Pot Roast

From the kitchen of: The Harrison Family
Review: 5/5
Some things just taste amazing. This recipe has many small ideas that have bounced back and forth across my family for decades, so it is hard to say that one person created it. I know, for instance, that it was my Aunt T that added the dry onion soup. I personally prefer the eye of round cut for this recipe. My family also puts potatoes in the crockpot. I started leaving them out because they tend to burn and I'd rather cook them seperately.


1 package Eye of Round, chuck roast, or other meat meant for slow cooking. Any amount, just make sure it will fit in the crockpot.
1 cup water.
Several carrots, cut in (2-3in) x (1/4in) x (1/4in) pieces.
1 onion, sliced and quartered.
1 package dry onion soup, Lipton or other brand.
1-2 cubes beef bullion.


1. Place meat on end in center of crockpot.

2. Add water, then surround with alternating layers of carrots and onions.

3. When crockpot is about half full, add half the onion soup mix and a bullion cube.

4. Finish filling crockpot with carrots and onion.

5. Add remaining onion soup and bullion cube.

6. Cook. For old crockpots, this will be on high for about 10 hours. A modern crockpot will probably need to be set on low for the same result. The water should be boiling for most of the time for this recipe to work. Older crockpots did not boil water on low.

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