RPG Character Sheets and Other Material

      This page collects character sheets and material I have used for various campaigns. I am posting them here for the sake of the other players in my group.

JD's Campaign (2015-?)

To the Desert. Fizzledrip - Gnome Alchemist lvl-3 v02 (pdf)

Will's Campaign 2 (2012-2012)

My current character, previous character, and the two NPCs that I was assigned.

Note that the skills and ranks on both NPCs are nonsense as I have nothing to go on to develop them.

Averroes - Human Specialist-Cloistered Cleric v01 (html)
Averroes - spells v02 (xlsx)
Quaari - Elf Specialist-Druid v01 (html)
Alara - Human Commoner-Warrior-Fighter v01 (html)
Yasar - Aristocrat-Ranger lvl3 v01 (html)

Will's Campaign 1 (2009-2011)

A truely epic campaign.

Note: seems I never removed the "Shortspear of Screaming" from Gildas' character sheet.

Shannon - Human Ranger-Arcanamach lvl-10 v01 (html)
Shannon lvl-10 Spells v03 (xls)
Gildas Kerlian - Elf Wizard lvl-10 v01 (html)
Gildas Kerlian lvl-10 Spell List v04 (doc)
Gildas Kerlian lvl-10 spells v02 (xls)
Elwen - Courre Familier lvl-10 v01 (html)

Stephen's Campaign (20xx-?)

Painfully non-magical characters in a sometimes magical world. Michael Lawrence v2 (pdf)
Argos v01 (pdf)

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