Photogrammetry Results from Bandolier National Park, Jemez New Mexico

      The pictures for these models were taken during the same trip as the modeling of Jemez. However, the federal government has banned drone flights inside national parks. The superintendent did mention that it was possible under the auspices of another government agency, but by the time I had his reply, it was too late to pursue the sponsorship of a university. Ground photos it was.

      I knew in gerneral how to take the photos, but with very little experience I missed quite a few angles I needed. Since I could not build the models until I returned home, I had no feedback on what I missed. Besides, there were some angles that simply were not possible while staying on the trail.

      The photos were taken using a Fuji X-M1 and Fujifilm WF 18-55mm lens. The models were built using COLMAP for the sparse point-cloud and OpenMVS for the dense point cloud, mesh reconstruction, and texturing.


Kiva_1_500 The first Kiva you come to on visiting the park. Due to needing to stay on the trail, not all of the kiva is modeled. Download *.obj (26MB)
Download *.blend (33MB)
Ladder1_Inside_Try2_500 The inside of the first ladder accessable cliff dwelling. The reconstruction only worked so-so in the low light. Download *.obj (76MB)
Download *.blend (106MB)
Ladder1_Outside_500 The outside of the same cliff dwelling. The funny bulb under the base of the ladder is actually a bush that got modeled. Download *.obj (63MB)
Download *.blend (78MB)
Ladder2_Outside_500 The second ladder accessable cliff dwelling. Download *.obj (58MB)
Download *.blend (75MB)
Stone_Stairs_500 A cliff dwelling with footholds carved into the rock. Download *.obj (67MB)
Download *.blend (86MB)
Wall1_500 The first Long House. I did not do a good job cataloging the long house locations or names, so they are just in the order I found them. Download *.obj (323MB)
Download *.blend (421MB)
Wall2_500 The second Long House. Download *.obj (121MB)
Download *.blend (151MB)
Wall3b_500 The third Long House. Download *.obj (173MB)
Download *.blend (216MB)
Point_500 The alcove house. I did not expect this one to work at all. All I had was a few pictures from the valley through the trees and one from part way up the climb. COLMAP even placed that last one correctly. Kind of amazing it built anything really. Download *.obj (44MB)
Download *.blend (58MB)

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