Terraria Review


Biosphere Naron-black Stardust-black
      Terraria is often described as "2D Minecraft". I've only had a little to do with Minecraft, but that is probably a good description. Terraria is a side view game that combines elements of platformer combat with the custom design and building that made Minecraft famous. You begin on the surface with only the bare essentials for equipment, no home or workshop. Build a house before sundown. The zombies aren't too bad, but the demon eyes will end all but pro players before you have armor. After that, start exploring. The surface has lots of low level equipment. The land below, ore to forge better weapons and armor. The rest is up to you.

      Terraria proved to be extremely addictive for my group of friends. Playing solo is fine, if a bit dull. The greatest joy to me was building something out of this world and waiting for others to find it. The Eye of God/Death Star and the Biosphere were good examples. I built the tower, the waterfall, and much of the housing. Michael built the castle. John built the mass-production greenhouse and the money making machine, as well as leveling the land for the tree farm. Stephen built the sky-islands as well as most of the pumps. He was also responsible for trying to burn down the castle with lava several times.

      It was really our interactions that made the game more than the game itself. It was night time and John was working on his greenhouse when we hear, "OH GOD IT'S ON FIRE!" By the time we get there we find that He had been putting the fireflower lava on the top level, but he had a splash from the bucket and lava was burning it's way across the jungle level. We try to stop the flow by pulling a block of the jungle mud to put in the way of the flow, but were too slow and lava dropped to the forest level and kept spreading the fire. By this time the entire building is alive with the red glow of the fire. A night to remember.

      Needless to say, I highly recommend this game to any groups who want a game to play together.

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