Brian's Random Artwork

      Ok, so "art" is a loose term. I just felt like posting some things.

space Title: Christmas card, 2015
Date:  12-10-2015

Actually done after Harvest Moon was completed, I decided to reuse the idea for a Christmas card.

space Title: Harvest Moon
Date:  01-11-2016

Inspired by the moonrise I saw on my way to my aunt's for Christmas. Moon photo taken a month later.

space Title: Proposal
Date:  03-12-2012

I wish I could draw better. I keep having these brilliant ideas that I just can't get on paper. These three sketches would make the most sense to people that are familiar with the game "League of Legends". Sadly, this first one is drawn so badly that none of the characters are recognizable. Well, except Veigar.

space Title: Bully (part 1)
Date:  03-12-2012

First of what turned out to be a two part series. No one likes a bully.

space Title: Bully (part 2)
Date:  03-12-2012

I was in the middle of drawing the first piece when I realized how it had to end.

space Title: Cave Exploration
Date:  10-21-2007 to WIP

Work in progress. I need a cave.

space Title: none
Date:  10-17-2007 to 10-19-2007

This was fun. The outfit (Foxy Fashions) came with materials that made it look like plastic (ew). A few adjustments, a lowsy bumpmap, and the result is on the right. I need to learn how to make better bumpmaps.

space Title: Dragon Rider
Date:  10-13-2007 to 10-19-2007

My first ever attempt at compositing images. Not bad if I do say so myself.

space Title: none
Date:  10-03-2007

Another tech demo. (after I decided to actually pay for clothes) I also had to reverse engineer how eyes work. It wasn't till a month later that I had a go-by example to fix the matallic look.

space Title: Oops...
Date:  09-16-2007

My first real attempt at a render using Daz3D. More of a tech demo really.

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