Star Ocean EX Review


Claude Rena Celine Ashton Precis Phase_pistol
      Star Ocean EX is a series that's based on the RPG series Star Ocean for Super Famicom, Playstation, Gameboy Color, and Plastation 2. Only Star Ocean the Second Story for Playstation has been released in the US. The anime seems to follow the game released in the US, at least I recognize the characters in the screenshots.

      The story is an adventure of Claude C. Kennie and Rena. Claude is the son of the finest admiral of the Earth star forces. When they are sent to examine strange signals coming from an unknown planet, Claude is pulled through a portal into another world. All he has with him are the clothes on his back and the phase pistol that his father gave him.

      I rather enjoy this series, but then I also love RPGs so I suppose it's natural. Since it's based on a game, there are a few quotes that slip out that I have to wonder if they were trying to be serious or funny. "However, it is dangerous outside of the towns, so take this sword with you." is a classic. Another is the closing song. If I had to guess at the title, I'd say it's something like "Press the Switch Within Your Heart." Depending on the translation this contains lines like, "Reality is not a game, we cannot selfishly reset it." The other translation isn't much like this, so I wonder if someone's taking liberties with the translation.

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