Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar Review


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      It's kind of different to be set loose on the internet with a high speed connection. It seems odd, but I've downloaded a lot of things based on "gee, that's a neat title." Yes, I've gotten some things that weren't very good, and a few that I promptly got rid of, but I've also found some good shows. This is a long introduction to why a 22 year old guy has something like this to begin with.

      What I'm talking about is a show titled, Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar. The show is set in a medieval/renaissance/modern (ack, when is it set?!?) village. Since I don't have the first few episodes, I have no idea how this came about, but is seems that this one girl is the only one who can see these fairies.

      What's really strange about the show is how completely these Japanese scriptwriters dropped the ball on European culture. The one fairy is called Sugar, while there's also a quiet, soft-spoken fairy and a hyper red haired fairy that are named Salt and Pepper. What's odd is that the hyper one is named Salt and the quiet one is named Pepper. (wait, that's...not...right) There's never a hint of modern machines, (except for one of the children's toys). On the other hand, all the children (humans) are dressed like they would be today. I get the feeling that they'll turn the corner and find an interstate or an airport. UPDATE: Scratch that, there's two cars that make a two second cameo in episode 16.

      The first episode I have (14) has the three fairies trying to teach a tortoise how to fly. It falls to Saga (the girl) to bring some sanity to the group.

      The age group it's aimed at is the 6-10 year old age group, hence my disclaimer at the beginning. Since I have a fan-sub, it wouldn't work very well as is. I doubt the audience can read yet, certainly not fast enough. All the same, I've seen two episodes and I haven't seen anything that Nickolodian wouldn't have shown when I was little. I say this because they seem to have odd ideas about what it's ok for children to see sometimes. I wonder if Nickolodian or PBS would be interested?

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