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      First off, I can't help but think that something was lost in the fan translation of the title. Somehow, killing (or attempting to kill) a new born child doesn't seem like "scrapping" them to me. Second, the Japanese trend of making every fantasy story (except Record of Lodoss War and The Slayers) end in sci-fi is really annoying. Ok, I'm over it.

      This story follows the flight of Pacifica Castull, her brother Shannon, and sister Raquel. You find out very quickly that she is believed from a prophecy to be "the poison that will destroy the world." At every stop, peasants, government soldiers, church officials, and even long trusted friends betray them.

      I guess my first, and biggest gripe is yet again the Japanese portrayal of the church. A church whose clergy are in a murderous man hunt. A clergy who deal in possession and death. Great....The prophet was "St. Grendel" which implies all sorts of unholy images. As far as a world deserving destruction, this one may rank high on the list.

      Several of the characters display great depth and strength. Shannon is a man I could look up to. Chris seems to be finding his heart, despite never having had a family or upbringing outside the military. Leo is mainly comedy relief, though he seems to have a bit more about himself as well.

      Raquel is odd. There's nothing wrong with her as such, there's just nothing there. It's not as if she's a cardboard cutout, we're just not told anything. As far as I've gone in the series, she smiles, protects the weak, and shows an occasional sense of humor. There's no seeing her thoughts.

      Another odd exception is the character who this conflict centers around. While Pacifica has a great heart for others, she doesn't seem to be willing to DO anything about it. She doesn't learn to protect herself, she doesn't do work assigned to her, heck, she claims to be bad at cooking, but mainly spends her time curled up in a ball complaining about being unable to cook rather than trying. Another odd thing about her is her spirit. She seems happy in odd ways and times. I can't put my finger yet, but it's just creepy.

      Overall, I don't know what to make of this show. Give me notice on this one.

      Update: I really don't like having to update after finishing a show. Maybe I'll just have to put off writing these till after finishing.

      Anyway...while I didn't really appreciate having yet another Japanese fantasy show go sci-fi on me, I have to forgive them since they did such a good job. The ending might have seemed a bit rushed, but only because there wasn't much way to top the battle of a few episodes earlier. All said, this was an excellent show, one of the best I've seen. But if they want to release this in English, they're GOT to change the title.

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