Mamotte Shugogetten Review


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      First off, this is not a very complete review. The group currently translating Mamotte Shugogetten has only translated the first three episodes. I was first introduced to this series by seeing the first episode of Denshin Mamotte Shugogetten. This OVA turns out to take place after the TV show. I figured this out when, near the beginning of the show, one (rather well endowed) girl gets in a heated argument with the director of the school play she has the lead roll in. She loses her temper and in a wave of her arm...the entire class comes under attack by a room full of animated desks and I guess what got me about this wasn't the silly faces on the angry furniture, or the students fighting for their lives, but the fact that no one was surprised. Being the weirdness magnet that I am, I had to investigate.

      Mamotte Shugogetten is an interesting one. It is based around the quite familiar setting of a young man (anime character ages are impossible to guess) who finds himself suddenly alone in a house with first one, then two beautiful girls.

      The first is Shugogetten Shaorin or "Shao". As a spirit of the moon, her duty is to protect her master from an "enemy country, assassin, or violent people." Of course, in modern day Japan, one must question the need for this protection. Shao is very sweet. Ok, very very extremely over done sweet. Even Tasuke thinks so. She still manages to be charming in her devotion to her master, even as he attempts to put her on a more equal footing with him.

      The second is again a spirit, this time of the sun. This one is Keikounitten Ruuan, who's duty it is to give her master pleasure. Oh dear. Shao and Ruuan were harsh rivals when they last met, and Ruuan isn't one to let a grudge go. This of course causes trouble immediately, bringing another difficult question to light. Who exactly funds rebuilding anime houses? I know no insurance company would cover this.

      While this show seems to be most like Oh! My Goddess the two series are quite different. As far as the series has gone, I love the absolute randomness of the situations and reactions. Yes, often I can predict what's about to happen, but there's no guessing where it will go from there. Enjoy.

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