Inspector Gadget Review


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      How many shows of our childhood have stood the test of time? Some shows we see again and wonder how we could ever have spent quality time with the television watching such uncreative, poorly scripted, and poorly dubbed trash. Since I'm not writing this to trash them, I'll save names.

      Then there are shows like Inspector Gadget. If this show needs a pedigree, let me just say that the script writing and character design was by Mel Brooks and the voice of Gadget was by Don Adams. These two also worked together on a similar show titled Get Smart back in the 60's.

      In this, urrm, less than serious show, Inspector Gadget faces off against the nefarious plots of M.A.D. No, I don't know what that stands for either. While their leader, Dr. Claw, is about the most absurd villain in comic history, I have the impression that a platoon of navy SEALS could not take out Gadget...Not that he would ever know his danger. For you see, Gadget seems ever oblivious of the world around him, saved continuously by his own ineptitude and the frantic efforts for his faithful dog, Brain. Gadget's niece, Penny, is the real brains of the operation. Not that gadget would ever take his precious niece into danger, so she normally has to tag along without being seen. She and Brain coordinate solving the crime and insuring that Gadget doesn't find himself crushed, boiled, or pounded by ancient mummies.

      For comedy at its finest: Inspector Gadget.

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