Final Fantasy Unlimited Review


Cobi Three Lunch Genesis Lisa Kaze and the Demon Gun
      Let's see, today I'm writing about Final Fantasy Unlimited. The story opens with a column opening between earth and the "inner world." From this comes a monster which devastates all that stand before it before it is defeated by a second monster. Seven years pass and we find two children, Ai and Yu, in a subway tunnel setting out to search for their parents who left to explore the inner world. Both the subway that arrives and the destination it takes them to are like none ever seen. A third person also slips onto the subway. The lady's name is Lisa; a woman who's abilities and reason for traveling to the inner world are both mysterious. They meet Kaze, the black wind, in the first place they stop. He is a powerful force throughout the series.

      The story seems to place each episode on at least one different *world?* each time. At each stop of the subway the children disembark and search for their parents or some random piece of havoc breaks out. Most shows of this type contain cardboard characters and rely on the events to maintain viewer interest. FFU does not have tremendous character development, but they are interesting and fairly deep. Somehow, the story is put together so that a viewer can watch an episode even if they missed one or two before without being completely lost.

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