Dual Review


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      Dual: must remember never to spend all day watching one show. Saturday morning I'd only seen only the first disc. *twitch* Now I've seen all four. *twitch* *twitch*

      Well, the only review I'd read before seeing this compared this to Tenchi Muyo (by the same author) and said it was the same old, same old. I have to disagree, while it was clearly the same author, he has learned much about character development. I must also give him credit for creating only the second mecha anime I was willing to watch. (The first was Nadesico.)

      The world(s) this takes place in is (are?) much like ours. Well the first one is anyway. Our hero Kazuki sees visions he can't account for, giant mechs battling across the city. When he is beguiled by a pretty face, he suddenly finds himself in the world he'd seen.

      It may take me awhile with screenshots, I borrowed the DVDs and don't want to start immediately looking for pictures.

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