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      Aria. Here we have another show guys aren't supposed to watch. I'm not even in college anymore. Why do I have this one? I got to travel through the Greek isles one when I was in high school. It was one of the nicest pieces of the world I've ever seen. I took one look at a picture of gondoliers gliding down the canals of Neo-Venezia and had to see this show. The artwork is beautiful. The setting is at once both warm and comfortable, and mysterious and old. If it was a place, I would want to go there.

      Aria follows the life and experiences of a young Undine's (gondolier's) apprentice named Akari beginning a little less than a year after her first arrival on the planet Aqua. In the first episode she makes good friends with a young girl from Manhome named Ai. The rest of the series they write to each other, giving the narrator his voice. Her mentor is Alicia of the Aria Company, one of the Three Great Water Fairies, considered the three best Undines on Aqua. Her friends are both from rival Undine companies. Aika is heiress to Himeya, the oldest Undine company in Neo-Venezia. Hot tempered and aggressive, she has a way of easily sliding into arguments. Alice is a middle school prodigy who was drafted by the Orange Planet company despite still being in school. She's honestly still a child in many ways. Alice is a very private person and doesn't like people prying into her business. Akari herself? She is a warm and gentle girl, always wanting peace among the people she knows. Somehow, even with a personality like this, she loves adventure. She seeks out new parts of the city, introduces herself to strangers, and even deals with losing her way or meeting those of the spirit world with joy.

      Is there a point to this show? No, not in the traditional "we have achieved our goal," sort of way. Adventure could be around any corner. Every scene before you can be beautiful. Every person you meet could be dear. That's the purpose of this show.

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