Tenchi Muyo Picture Gallery

Pictures I Captured

Note: max res of TV only 352x240
Removed as many "Cartoon Network" symbols as possible
Ayeka_wave Ayeka_Defence Two_Ohkis Gentleman Ken-ohki_Defence Ken-ohki_Fires
Ayeka Waving Ayeka Defence Two Ohkis A True Gentleman Ken-ohki Defence Ken-ohki Fires
house Ayeka_Akane Group Group_arrest Nagi Fight_(Nagi_Ryoko)
"At least I brought our house" Ayeka-Akane See the resemblence? Group The group under arrest Nagi Ryoko
Kiyone_asleep_2 Kiyone_asleep_1.jpg Kiyone_2 Kiyone_Nervous Kiyonecommon Missed
Kiyone Asleep Ditto Streach Kiyone acting nervous A common expression missed
Sasami (Carnival) Sasami(come_on_Tenchi) SasamiJump SasamiSkateing Noway Pretty_Sammy_Sunset
Sasami all dressed up for the Carnival Come on Tenchi It's snowing! Skateing No way, not you too Pretty Sammy in the sunset
SasamiRyo-ohkiah Tenchi_and_Ryo-ohki Ryo-ohki_(carrot) Please Love Ryoko_Fires
What Happened! AAAHHHH!!! meow? Please? aww, how sweet FIRE!
Tenchi_and_Ayeka.jpg Washu Washu_Cowgirl Pow Two_of_Them Tenchi_and_Father
Tenchi and Ayeka share a laugh Would you Like to know? Washu Cowgirl POW! God made two of them! Like father, like son

How the group handles stress

Stress1_Kiyone.jpg Stress2_Sasami Stress3_Mihoshi Stress4_Ayeka Stress5_Ryoko Stress6_Yosho
Disheveled Joy Panic Terror! Excitement ....
Yosho.jpg GPoliceCruiser Waiting(s)
Yosho Galaxy Police Cruiser Waiting

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